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Solar energy

Solar energy

Solar Power, something you won't find in other boats. The Solar Panels can generate all the power you need in order to run the boat (including the refrigerator). This means that you don’t need to waste the fuel just to keep your batteries, for example, charged. This feature not only reduces the fuel costs and docking fees (one of the biggest expenses), but also is a precaution. Think that there is nothing worse than being unable to start the engine because the battery went. 
Olympic Yachting owns the only fleet in Europe which is supplied with solar energy.
Thus you are also able to consume solar energy and act ecologically and friendly in order to contribute to the environmental protection.


Bavaria 38 Cruiser

Sehr freundliches und kompetentes Personal

Evaluation from 08.04.2015 10:19h -

Bavaria 55 Cruiser

Super Revier, Absulut netter Empfang, obwohl aelteres Boot in einem perfektem Zustand

Evaluation from 27.04.2015 18:09h -


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