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Greece is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, where every year millions of guests around the world are welcome.
Greece is a land of unique beauty and rich enough to offer to tourists everything: beautiful and exciting trip landscapes, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, picturesque whitewashed villages and towns, which were built of stone, a vibrant culture and traditions as well as a great historical, archaeological and mythological heritage.
There is no better way to feel the greatest satisfaction in Greece than by traveling on a yacht! We present you some recommended routes and we are also available to create a unique route just for you. Tell us about it!
7 days Lavrion - Cyclades
Lavrion > Kythnos 23nm
Kythnos > Serifos 25nm
Serifos > Milos 25nm
Milos > Paros 45nm
Paros > Syros 22nm
Syros > Kea 35nm
Kea > Lavrion 15nm
Total: 190nm
Lavrion > Kea 15nm
Kea > Andros 25nm
Andros > Tinos 30nm
Tinos > Myconos 10nm
Myconos > Syros 20nm
Syros > Kythnos 20nm
Kythnos > Lavrion 23nm
Total: 143nm
7 days Lavrion - Saronic Golf
Lavrion > Poros 33nm
Poros > Hydra 12nm
Hydra > Portoheli 20nm
Portoheli > Spetses 5nm
Spetses > Methana 32nm
Methana > Lavrion 35nm
Total: 137nm
Lavrion > Aegina 28nm
Aegina > Epidavros 15nm
Epidavros > Methana 10nm
Methana > Poros 18nm
Poros > Sounio 28nm
Sounio > Lavrion 5nm
Total: 104nm
14 days Lavrion - Cyclades
Lavrion > Kythnos23nm
Kythnos > Syros20nm
Syros > Paros25nm
Paros > Naxos15nm
Naxos > Ios25nm
Ios > Santorini20nm
Santorini > Sikinos20nm
Sikinos > Sifnos35nm
Sifnos > Serifos10nm
Serifos > Kythnos25nm
Kythnos > Kea15nm
Kea > Lavrion15nm
Total: 248nm
14 or 21 days Lavrion - Saronic Golf - Cyclades
Lavrion > Aegina 28nm
Aegina > Poros 15nm
Poros > Ermioni 15nm
Ermioni > Spetses 10nm
Spetses > Hydra 18nm
Hydra > Kythnos 45nm
Kythnos > Syros 20nm
Syros > Tinos 20nm
Tinos > Andros 30nm
Andros > Kea 25nm
Kea > Lavrion 15nm
Total: 241nm
14 or 21 days days Lavrion - Sporades - Cyclades
Lavrion > Stira 30nm
Stira > Chalkis 30nm
Chalkis > Lihada 45nm
Lihada > Skiathos 35nm
Skiathos > Alonissos 20nm
Alonissos > Skopelos 10nm
Skopelos > Skiros 30nm
Skiros > Kimi 20nm
Kimi > Andros 48nm
Andros > Kea 20nm
Kea > Lavrion 15nm
Total: 303nm

The destinations are weather permitting.

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Bavaria 42 Cruiser - Iraklis

Klasse wie immer!!

Evaluation from 20.10.2017 16:15h -

Sun Odyssey 479 - Athena

Super Umgang und Service in allen Belangen!! Uneingeschränkt weiter zu empfehlen.

Evaluation from 27.10.2017 18:54h -

Bavaria 44 - Ikarus

We were very satisfied with your company and we will recomed it and be back next year.

Evaluation from 20.10.2017 15:55h -

Bavaria 38 Cruiser

Sehr freundliches und kompetentes Personal

Evaluation from 08.04.2015 10:19h -

Bavaria 55 Cruiser

Super Revier, Absulut netter Empfang, obwohl aelteres Boot in einem perfektem Zustand

Evaluation from 27.04.2015 18:09h -


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